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Ways to Style your Flip-Flops

Ways to Style your Flip-Flops

Slip-ons and slippers are making a comeback to your daily outfit, and they will make your feet sing with relief. With these 5 easy style combinations for chic, casual wear, your soles are about to be at their most comfortable.

Flip flops, another trend with a bad reputation and negative style connotations, have graced the latest runways, street style stars, and celebrities alike. Some people will cringe just hearing the two words in the same sentence, but casual, minimal sandals are quickly becoming the “it” shoe of the season as fashion brands create updated iterations of the style.

Flip flops will soon be available in leather, heeled, square toe, strappy – you name it – styles. Flip flops are no longer just for poolside or beach wear; they’re also the perfect summer sandal for finishing off chic, minimal looks, and here’s how to wear them this season.

Flip-flops aren’t just for wearing your best outfit. While they may not appear fashionable, flip flops are practical for rainy, summer days and lazy days, and they can be a launch mode if you stop overthinking it.

Flip-flops used to be one of our biggest style no-nos, owing to brands’ repeated failures to create a sandal that looked sleek and polished despite being designed for casual wear. That is, until we discovered Flipside.

Flip flops have finally persuaded us that they are appropriate for any summer day, not just overly casual beach, pool, or shower situations. They not only focus on a minimal design and high-quality materials, but they also have a large color selection! From neutrals to bright, glossy, or metallic finishes to match your skin tone.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 sophisticated ways to wear flip-flops. Scroll down to get your cutest pedicured toes ready for the latest footwear trend in town.

1. The Minimalist

Combine a stylish, oversized T-shirt or cardigan with jeggings and matching flip-flops. A simple yet elegant look ideal for a casual outing!

2. Dare to pair

Pair strappy flip-flops with an oversized blazer, a belt, and a pair of matching shorts for a unique and daring look. This outfit will give you an extremely chic and luxurious look, ideal for an evening outing!

3. Florals

Floral print outfits are well known for being ideal for summer. Pair a cute floral dress with neutral colored flip-flops for a cute date look. An effortless, beautiful, and comfortable outfit!

4. That Playful Outfit

Instead of wearing your new flip-flops with denim cut-offs this season, try styling them with printed trousers or a skirt with a fitted crop top for a more playful look that updates the casualness of the shoes.

5. The Midi Day

A simple slip dress is the ideal bare canvas for experimenting with various accessories. Slip midi dresses and sandals are ideal pairing partners for a romantic date or even a girls’ day out, with options ranging from traditional flip flops to multicolored strappy and even heeled.


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