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4 Types Of Footwear That Compliments Ethnic Outfits

4 Types Of Footwear That Compliments Ethnic Outfits

One of the things that most people prioritize the least is footwear. Out of all the clothing, you should think of footwear as being the most important part of any outfit because it is the most crucial element in terms of fashion and style. No matter how stylish your dress is, if your shoes aren’t appropriate, it all goes to nothing. A beautiful closet full of clothes and accessories is crucial, but so is owning a classic and comprehensive shoe collection. If done correctly, it can completely alter your sense of style. It’s also a psychological fact that a person’s choice of shoes can reveal a lot about their personality. 

Appropriate footwear is required for traditional attire. It ems up the outfit’s sophistication and elevates the appearance to a whole new level. As Indian attire is typically worn at ceremonial events like weddings, religious services, festivals, etc., it is most frequently paired with traditional footwear. 

These are a few types of traditional footwear that we would like you to know about:

1. Mojaris

Sometimes a good pair of shoes is all you really need in life. And mojaris is a need while creating your traditional shoe collection! Despite being genuinely traditional, they go nicely with some contemporary attire. You can wear mojaris with any traditional clothing; you just need to know how to do it stylishly. They are typically worn on overly formal occasions like weddings or other such events. They greatly enhance the elegance of your clothing and go astonishingly well with a sherwani. Some of these mojaris are hand-sewn, which adds to their uniqueness and elevates them to the status of priceless works of art. These have eye-catching colors and patterns that are lively and classy.

2. Sandals

Though frequently overlooked, it is always in style. As long as traditional attire is in style, sandals will never be out of fashion. They represent Indian footwear in its most basic form. Sandals can be for casual occasions where it’s not necessary to dress completely traditionally, such as a college event, a traditional day at work, or a family gathering where you’ll wear Indian clothing but the event isn’t too formal. Depending on the clothing you select, you have a variety of options from which you can choose because they come in various patterns and designs. You might be the most understated yet classiest man at the next event you attend by simply wearing a simple sandal with a kurta and pajamas.

3. Kolhapuris

This was rather evident, and most people expected us to talk about shoes. Since their origin, kolhapuris have advanced significantly, and they continue to lead lists of the greatest traditional footwear. While manufacturers have made some alterations and introduced some variations to the design and style of this footwear, the standard chappal remains a classic. It can be worn with traditional, Indo-western, as well as western clothing, making it unquestionably the most adaptable style of footwear any man could ask for. Kolhapuris can be worn at events like weddings, festivals, or other cultural gatherings along with kurta and pajamas, bandhgala coats, Jodhpuri suits, etc. These are crafted by hand from pure leather and are incredibly basic and strong to give off an ethnic look.

4. Shoes

Let’s look at some shoes that are a little more on the western side after discussing all the appropriate Indian traditional footwear. Are shoes necessary? greater than all else! We believe that footwear plays a significant role because an improper pair of shoes may completely sabotage any outfit. For a man to complete his look and outfit, shoes are the most essential item. Even though they may appear absurd and foolish, shoes are fantastic investments because, if you have the perfect shoe wardrobe and take good care of them, they will last you a lifetime.

Girls Sports Shoes Black White Pink Grey
Girls Sports Shoes Black White Pink Grey

Today’s youth enjoy experimenting with these looks by pairing Indian clothing with western footwear. Traditional attire frequently pairs well with formal footwear. It is simple to match the appropriate pair of shoes to the outfit because shoes come in so many different colors and patterns. With practically every piece of Indian clothing, including sherwanis, jodhpuris, kurtas, bandhgalas, suits, etc., formal shoes are worn. They give off an Indo-western vibe while making you look fashionable and ethnic. Indian clothing is worn with sneakers. Wearing kurtas and pajamas, Jodhpuris, Pathanis, etc. with sneakers or loafers just adds to the hype surrounding these outfits.

With that said, get ready to shop for the excellent footwear we discussed in order to complete your wardrobe and be dressed amazingly well from head to toe the next time with Firky Fashion. We have an amazing collection of men’s and women’s footwear with the best offers that you don’t want to miss out on. Check out our Instagram for more offers.


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