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11 Tips for Storing Shoes

11 Tips for Storing Shoes

Finding the ideal tips for storing shoes is essential, whether your sneaker collection is out of hand or the stack by the door is making you crazy.

From sandals to shoes, we can assist you with storing any kind of footwear. Check out our post for suggestions and storage strategies to preserve your shoes in wonderful form in both short-term and long-term storage rather than stuffing them all in the bottom of the closet!

Short-Term Shoe Storage  

After a hard day, it can be tempting to just throw your shoes on the floor, but carefully storing them will keep them in good shape. Here are some of our preferred suggestions and solutions for quick shoe storage:

1. Tree Shoe Storage

A practical storage option for daily shoes is a vertical shoe tree or pegboard. Keep things arranged, off the floor, and out of the way. It’s important to change how you hang shoes because hanging them for a long time might stretch and distort the leather. 

To retain a shoe’s shape while it is not being worn, another kind of shoe tree consists of a block that rests inside the shoe. Using these shoe trees can help you keep the shape of your shoes and prevent permanent folds and wrinkles.

2. Shoe racks/shelves

There are numerous shoe cabinets, racks, and shelves to choose from. Get the one with a face that is open so that air may flow around your shoes. Another smart and attractive way to show off your designer shoes is on shelves. Place a small shoe rack at the entrance and other busy places to remind family members and visitors to take off their shoes to avoid tracking mud inside your home. 

3. Shoe boxes 

Shoe boxes are a great option for storage. Boxes shield items from the sun and keep dust from accumulating. You may also use plastic storage containers to keep and show your collection; just remember to clean and dry your shoes first to prevent mildew growth. Make sure the container is acid-free whether you use the original shoe box, a plastic shoe box, or even a photo storage box. 

4. Baskets/Hangers

Flip-flops and casual sandals can be kept in baskets or boxes. However, if you’re feeling creative, consider making these simple shoe hangers. To make a curled hook, just cut the bottom rung of a wire hanger and bend the ends up. On these hangers, you can also store flats and light sneakers.

5. Under-the-bed storage 

Shoe storage under your bed is another option to save room. Numerous under-the-bed storage alternatives, such as gliding shelves and rolling racks, are available to keep your shoes out of the way but yet within reach. 

Sliver-White Sneakers For Women Shoes
Sliver-White Sneakers For Women Shoes

Tips for storing different types of shoes

When keeping different types of shoes in storage, there are a few things to consider. Check out these tips for storing shoes for everything from your beloved sneakers to luxury heels.

1. How to store heels

It can be challenging to decide how and where to keep all of your platforms, wedges, and chunky heels if your wardrobe is stuffed with them. You can hang them on crown molding for temporary storage, get a shoe rack, or even check out some of your local retailer’s tall shoe organizers. Place your fancy heels above your closet or on a shoe rack.

2. How to store boots 

Big, hefty boots shouldn’t require excessive tension to store. A tall cabinet or shoe racks are two options. You can either store your boots flat in a plastic storage container or hang them from boot hooks (just make sure they are clean and dry before storing). If you intend to keep boots for a long time, line the bottom with acid-free paper or unbleached muslin and add a rolled insert of acid-free cardboard to guard against damage at the ankle. 

3. How to store sandals 

Casual sandals can be kept in a number of places, such as on a shoe shelf, in bins or crates, or on the above-described DIY hangers. Flip-flop hangers from the store are extremely practical and space-saving. 

4. How to store sneakers 

Put your sneaker collection on shelves or in a cupboard to keep it looking great. Put them in transparent plastic shoe storage boxes for an added measure of protection, but make sure they are very clean and dry before doing so. Remove the laces from your sneakers before long-term storage and fill and wrap them in acid-free paper.

Conversely, sneakerheads are aware that discarding the original box would lower the box’s resale value. Storing your sneakers in the cardboard shoe box that they came in will increase the chance of moisture buildup. In order to save room, carefully collapse the shoe boxes (so you can put them back together if necessary) and store them in a sizable plastic tote. 

5. How to store leather shoes 

From ordinary work boots to fancy dress shoes and everything in between, leather is used for everything. Before long-term storage, clean and condition your formal shoes and insert a shoe tree or acid-free tissue to help them maintain their shape.

Yellow-White Sneakers For Women Shoes
Yellow-White Sneakers For Women Shoes

Long-Term Shoe Storage 

Shoes can make or ruin an outfit, protect your feet, and offer support. So, we appreciate the necessity of preserving all of your shoes in excellent shape, even the ones you only use infrequently. You’ll need to take a few more steps to prepare and store your shoes if you intend to keep them in long-term storage. Always abide by the six golden storage rules.

Your shoes will be protected from pests, mildew, and heat damage if you store them properly. Some of our favorite long-term storage advice is provided below:

1. Clean shoes before storage 

Before placing your shoes in storage, make sure to give them a thorough cleaning. Remove any dirt or debris, then thoroughly dry the items. If your shoes are dirty, pests will be drawn to them, and moisture can cause mould and mildew. Here’s a great guide on how to clean your shoes in 6 easy steps. 

2. Stuff your shoes 

Use a shoe tree or pack your shoes with acid-free tissue to absorb extra moisture to keep the shape of your shoes (do not use newspaper). Additionally, silica packets can be placed in lightweight shoes to help minimize moisture and provide humidity protection.

3. Pack your shoes for storage 

It’s time to pack your shoes once you’ve prepared them for long-term storage. Either place your shoes straight in a plastic shoe storage container or place them in their original box and then place that box in a plastic storage bin. Despite the fact that it can appear simpler to just store the cardboard box, a durable plastic container is required to keep pests out.

4. Consider climate-controlled storage 

Because extreme temperature swings and high humidity can degrade materials, stiffen leather, and destroy glue, it is ideal to store your shoes in a climate-controlled setting. Keep your shoes in climate-controlled storage rather than storing them for an extended period of time in the attic or basement.

We hope that this organizing and tips for storing shoes guide have given you some motivation if you need to make some room in your closet. Firky Fashion is one of the best footwear brands in Indore that offers a wide range of men’s and women’s footwear at the best prices and discounts.  We also have an Instagram page where we post detailed views of all the shoes and sandals. Do check it out now.


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