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5 Must Have Shoes In A Man’s Closet

5 Must Have Shoes In A Man’s Closet

We know there are a variety of shoes available for men and shoes really speak about them a lot. However, there are some styles of shoes that every man must own. Depending on a men’s lifestyle and personality your must-haves might differ to some extent but these 5 pairs you should definitely own. So let us break down it for you guys!

1. Formal Shoes

These shoes are the ones that every man should have. According to us, you must have a pair in black and one in brown depending on the color of the clothes in your wardrobe, feel free to make that decision on your own. However, the black formal shoe is a must-have. You can wear them with chinos, suits, or jeans and it always stands out. Your shoes can be buckled or oxford. Some men prefer slip-ins as they are more comfortable and convenient. But we believe that both look equally elegant. 

2. Boots

Boots look hot and they add edginess to your outfit and personality. The length of your boots is your personal choice but at least own a pair of boots. The boots for men should ideally be in brown as they complement the denim. The best thing about boots is that they come in small heels so, for all the guys who are concerned about their height, these can be a great add-on to your collection. 

3. Loafers

Leather Loafers are must-have shoes for any casual occasion like a picnic or a date. They look elegant and take the edge which is important for informal gatherings. Your leather loafers or leather tie-in shoes work great for such gatherings. Both the types are semi-formal and they make you look dressed up but not over the top at the same time. 

4. Sneakers

We all know that a shoe collection is incomplete without sneakers in it. You should definitely own a pair of sneakers because they can save you from the times when you have nothing to wear. Own a color that goes with almost everything like black or white. If you are looking for trendy and fashionable sneakers that go with everything you can check out the sneaker collection on our website and avail of them at great prices. 

5. Flip Flops

Flip Flops are basic go-to footwear for any guy. They are an important piece of footwear that man can’t live without. They complete all the basic tasks that need to be completed wearing these flip-flops. Feeling lazy? Taking your dog for a walk? Going to college? Going to the gym? Just wear some cool flip-flops. Also do go too out with the colors as they are just basic footwear. 

These are the 5 must-have shoes that a man should own in his closet. All these types of shoes are available at Firky Fashion at great prices. They provide the best quality and durable footwear that no one can stop wearing them. 


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