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10 Must have Shoes and Heels in every Woman’s Shoe Closet

10 Must have Shoes and Heels in every Woman’s Shoe Closet

What makes or breaks a good look is a good pair of shoes or heels? They’re always a perfect accessory and make your outfit look better. Sometimes, they can be more important than your outfits.

Shoes are an ultimate investment if you wear them often and with different outfits. If you only buy trendy pairs, you’ll only be excited to wear them once and then put them away. Instead, buy timeless styles that you’ll love for years.

Here are 10 of the most popular shoes and heels for every occasion, so you’ll always have an outfit ready to go. You’ll be able to create an amazing shoe closet with these options. Here they are!

1. White Sneakers

Sneakers have been trendy for a few years. You can match them with anything. A white sneaker looks good with any outfit, is polished, and has a chic vibe. It always looks good and instantly makes your outfit look effortless. Plus, it can make your outfit more balanced. If you love a pair of shoes, it’ll be hard to wear another. If you’re looking for versatile shoes that you can wear with anything, choose a pair of white sneakers. These sneakers are great because they can be dressed up or down and they’re comfortable to wear all day long.

2. Block Heels

If you’re not a fan of sky-high heels or you’re looking for a good in-between height for the events that are nice but not too fancy, you might enjoy block heels. Block heels are a great choice for people who value comfortable shoes but still want a bit of height.

When you find the perfect pair of high heels that fit your feet perfectly, you can walk in them all day long without having to worry about getting your shoe stuck in the pavement. Block heels are more stable than their thinner equivalent, and you don’t have to worry about getting your shoe stuck in the pavement or falling over either. If you’re not confident wearing heels, then block heels with a rubber sole is the best option to start.

3. Classic Loafers

From the 10 must-have shoes and heels in every woman’s shoe closet, we’ve listed a few comfortable options. The loafer is a sophisticated option that makes an outfit look more put-together. Since they’re completely flat, they’re a chicer alternative to a ballet flat.

Get a classic black pair if you’re new to loafers; if you have others, get a fun color or print to mix things up. Wear them with jeans, shorts, dresses, or anything else! They look good with everything!

4. Slide Sandals

Every woman needs a pair of these because they’re ideal for the summer or when you just want something easy to slip on! There are styles ranging from simple to statement. Nothing beats having a chic slide sandal that you can throw on whenever the weather is warm without thinking twice.

Slides come in all shapes and sizes, and we think they’re a must-have for days when you just want to be comfortable!

5. Knee-High Boots

Over-the-knee boots are trendy, but are they a good choice? A boot that falls below the knee. They can be worn with anything from Spanx leather leggings to a short skirt and always add something to an outfit.

You need boots for cold weather, not just high heels or sandals. Knee-high or ankle boots are always ready for the cold in style. You can choose a pair in leather or suede and wear them year after year.

6. Neutral Heels

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to run out and buy new shoes in the middle of the night because you didn’t have the right pair of heels to go with your outfit for an interview or wedding.

As a woman, getting a pair of heels in neutral color that you can wear to all events is a rite of passage. Get one pair you really love, rather than a cheap pair you have to replace.

7. Sporty Sneakers

A pair of sporty, casual sneakers is your best friend for errands, dog walking, and weekends when you don’t have to change into something more formal. Thankfully, they don’t look as bad as they used to, and you can find sporty sneakers in a variety of colors and styles. Pick whatever makes you happy.

8. Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are the best choice for warm weather, with their minimal design and slim straps. You can show off your tan and fresh pedicure, or go with strappy heels or flats. Packing a pair of strappy sandals is a great idea for any traveler, especially for a tropical vacation!

Strappy sandals are the most adaptable type of summer footwear. You can pair them with anything from denim shorts and a T-shirt to a wedding gown. They’re versatile, wearable, and will give you that extra “oomph” when you need it.

9. Flat Sandals

These are a year-round staple, but especially important in the spring and summer. They look great with feminine dresses, shorts, and even jeans. Furthermore, if you enjoy visiting more beachy destinations, you must have this in your arsenal. Nude, tan, taupe, and brown are the best universal colors to choose. Choose one pair for more casual everyday chores and one for formal occasions.

10. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a fall and winter must-have. They’re a great choice when the weather changes and your sandals can’t go outside anymore.

As one of the 10 shoes and heels every woman should own, you’ll want to choose a pair in a classic color that can see you through the winter months. If you want to wear Chelsea boots with dresses, pair them with tights to give your outfit a masculine twist! If you want to go for a more casual look, try a pair of ankle boots.


Of course, many shoes can overlap in these categories, like sporty sneakers and flat sandals. Now that you know the 10 must have shoes and heels in every woman’s shoe closet, it’s time to keep building your wardrobe.

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