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How to Clean Your Shoes in 6 Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Shoes in 6 Easy Steps

Cleaning your shoes frequently can keep your shoes looking and smelling their best. It can be tough to keep your shoes pristine without cleaning them regularly. The minute those sneakers will come out of the box, you’ll want to wear them outside, where they will pick up dirt, mud, and stains. To ensure peak performance of your sneakers, we recommend proper maintenance and care which also includes cleaning. Before starting to clean, keep them in a shoe tree or fill them with crumpled paper to help them retain their shape during the cleaning. These tips will help you keep your sneakers and running shoes fresh and clean in just a few easy steps. 

Black, Grey & White Girls Sports Shoes
Black, Grey & White Girls Sports Shoes

Step by Step Cleaning Procedure

1. Use a Dry Brush

With the help of a soft-bristled and dry brush remove loose dirt from the outsole, midsole, and uppers. If you have no shoe brush then you do not need to worry you can also use an old toothbrush. 

2. Make a Mild Cleaning Solution

Make a mild cleaning solution by mixing warm water with a small amount of mild laundry detergent or dish soap. For cleaning white or lighter-colored shoes you can also make a cleaning paste by mixing equal parts of baking soda and water. 

3. Hand Wash the Laces

Remove the shoelaces from the shoes and apply a small amount of mild cleaning solution to them. Massage the laces with the solution with the help of your hands, rinse and then dab dry with a soft cloth. 

4. Wash the Soles

Apply the mild cleaning solution to the soft bristles brush, toothbrush, or washcloth. Clean the outer soles and middle soles thoroughly, and take whatever time you need to clean every part of your soles. Pat dry with a soft cloth. 

If you need to wash your soles, remove them from the shoes and clean them. Then make sure to dry them first before putting them back into the shoes. 

5. Wash and Blot the Uppers

Use a mild solution to clean your uppers, take your time, and don’t scrub too hard. When you are satisfied with the cleaning process, use a dry microfiber towel or a soft cloth to blot and lift as much soapy moisture and dirt as possible. Try to avoid rubbing as it can wear down the shoe fabric or spread any small bits of dirt. 

6. Air Dry

The last step is to air dry your sneakers at room temperature. Always ensure that you completely air dry your shoes before wearing them for your next workout and activity. 

Special Considerations for Different Materials

How to Clean Leather Shoes

Leather stains easily, so it is important to clean them regularly. In addition to using a mild cleaning solution, you might also need a magic eraser or leather conditioner to remove dirt and stains. Ensure that you do not scrub the shoes too hard because you might damage the material and shoes. 

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are difficult to clean. Use a suede brush or towel to wipe away dirt, working in the same direction as the material rather than going against the grain. Use suede or a pencil eraser to rub away any marks on the surface of the shoe. For stubborn stains use white vinegar to scrub the fabric in alternating directions. 

How to Clean Knit Shoes

The knit fabric is very delicate and requires care when using a cleanser. Create a mild, soapy water solution that doesn’t contain chemicals. Never use harsh chemicals or bleach on knit material as it can damage it. Take a clean cloth and rub the solution in the same direction as the knit. 

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